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FIBRE GLASS MESH iswoven from Fibre Glass Yarn an then coated by Alkaline Resistant Latex. To reinforce exposed areas of external and internal plaster (internal wall joints, windows & door corners and the channels for water or gas pipes & electrical wiring), an alkali resistant Glass Fibre Mesh is highly recommended by the majority of producers & suppliers of construction technology. The recommended mass per area ( 1 m2 ) is usually about 145 gsm with a mesh size of approximately 5x5 mm.

Another circumstance in which mesh fabrics should be used is when two materials with different coefficients of expansion meet one another.In this case there is a risk that the plaster coat will crack. In order to absorb the tension, it is recommended that a strip of Glass Fibre Mesh is applied over the joint. The Mesh must be embedded in the material avoiding creases and blisters.


>  Walls with channels for electrical wires and joints of two different materials (walls made of light weight materials, metal beam).

>  Two different materials joint (wall made of lightweight material, concrete wall).

>  Modern construction technology.


>  Surface treatment

> Plaster application

> Reinforcing mesh lay down

> Mesh adjustment

> Mesh embedding

> Finished wall with reinforced plaster


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