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Brand : Chryso


Sold By : Ethios Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd

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  •  Resistant to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays .
  •  Thixotropic - can be applied in uniform thickness on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  •  Develops excellent bond with most of the building materials.
  •  Prevents peeling and blistering.
  •  Arrests salt petre and prevents penetration of salts into concrete and mortar.
  •  Unaffected by chemical attacks ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis.
  •  Highly durable in continuous wet service condition.
  •  Non-flammable and does not emit toxic gases, when exposed to fire.
  •  Resists corrosion and rotting.
  •  One time application, properties improve with age.
  •  Eco-friendly, harmless to workers.
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