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Birla Gold PPC Cement 50 Kg

Type : Trade

Grade : 43 Grade

Packaging : 50 KG

Brand : Birla Gold Cement

Material Type:

Sold By : Shri Venkatesh Associate

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Expect delivery in 9-13 days


  • Low Heat of hydration resulting in resistance to cracking.
  • Resistance to corrosive water and chemical attacks and thereby longer life to steel/iron structure underneath.
  • High degree of impermeability and work ability for the concrete mix.
  • Higher ultimate strength at longer duration
  • Higher degree of fineness, resulting in -

       - Complete chemical reaction

       - Easy workability

       - Increased plasticity

  • Reduced Alkali aggregate reaction  as also free lime expansion and thereby resistance to cracking.
  • Lower drying shrinkage and low leaching value.
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